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by Greg J. Wolber & William F. Carne
by Greg J. Wolber & William F. Carne

Writing Psychological Reports: A Guide for Clinicians (Second Edition)

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• 2002  158pp paperback   ISBN: 9781568870762

This new second edition brings the same refreshing matter-of-fact guidance that made the first edition so popular with both students and professionals.  Although the suggested format for psychological evaluations remains essentially the same, the authors have updated and expanded several sections within that format to enhance the quality of the evaluation report.

A new section, Notification of Purpose and Limits of Confidentiality, has been added and new material on background information and the use of collateral information has been included.  New examples have been added to supplement and clarify the text and a new example of a full report is presented.  The Recommendations section has also been modified to incorporate specific strengths and problem areas.

This book offers a wealth of descriptive information, organizing questions, guidelines, and other strategic information to make your written report as clear, comprehensive, and error free as possible.

"This is a terrific book that sets forth a practical approach and a logical structure to psychological report writing, while allowing for flexibility and individualization.  Students, interns, and seasoned clinicians will find it helpful in bringing balance and focus to their assessment work.  After reviewing this book, and sharing it with colleagues, we've decided to use it within our Psychology Internship Training Program, as well as make it a reference for our senior staff."
     -Harry J. Reiff, PsyD, JD,
Director of Psychology, Northeast Florida State Hospital; Attorney At Law, Jacksonville FL

"Writing Psychological Reports is a highly readable manual on how to write a general psychological report, which the authors aptly describe as the psychological equivalent of an MRI.  This volume is an invaluable resource for both beginners and experienced clinicians alike."
     -Ronald F. Levant, EdD, ABPP, Dean and Professor, Psychology, Nova Southeastern University

Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 - Before Beginning
Rationale for a Report / Fundamental Guidelines / Confidentiality and Ethics / Computerization / The Report Writer / The Organization of the Report
    Chapter 2 - Preresults Sections
Report Heading and Demographic Information / Reason for Referral / Notification of Purpose and Limits of Confidentiality / Evaluation Instruments and Sources of Information / Background Information / Behavioral Observations
    Chapter 3 - Results Section: Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning
Orientation, Sensation/Perception, and Cognitive Focus / Intellectual Functioning / Academic Achievement / Language Functioning / Other Specific Cognitive Functions / Localization and Degree of Impairment / Reporting Questionable Findings / Conclusion: Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning
    Chapter 4 - Results Section: Personality Functioning
Introduction / Theoretical Formulation / Emotional Factors / Intrapsychic Factors / Interpersonal Functioning
    Chapter 5 - Impressions/Diagnoses
Conclusion: Personality Functioning / Summary / Recommendations
    Chapter 7 - Conclusion
A - Psychological Evaluation Format: Guideline Questions / B - Psychological Evaluation Format / C- Example: Confidential Psychological Evaluation
Subject Index

About the Authors
Greg J. Wolber, PhD, ABPP, is a clinical psychologist practicing in Virginia and Maryland.  He currently serves as Chief Psychologist of the Forensic Evaluation Team at Central State Hospital in Petersburg VA.  For the past 25 years, he has provided psychological assessment and treatment services to a wide variety of patient populations in varied settings, and has supervised postdoctoral residents, interns, and other clinical psychology students for 20 years.  He has consulted to several agencies and taught psychological assessment and treatment procedures to doctoral candidates.

William F. Carne,
PhD, is a clinical psychologist who currently maintains an independent private practice in Virginia, serving adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients.  Dr. Carne conducts psychometric and diagnostic evaluations on patients with a wide array of presenting problems, and also supervises students who are performing such evaluations.
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