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by Pearl Berman
by Pearl Berman

Therapeutic Exercises for Victimized & Neglected Girls: Applications for Individual, Family, & Group Psychotherapy

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• 1994  178pp large format paperbound   ISBN: 9781568870038

Contains 27 structured and focused therapeutic exercises designed to improve the effectiveness of your work with victimized and neglected girls in individual, group, and family therapy.  Offers specific guidelines for selecting and implementing exercises focused on the specific needs of individual clients.  Contains numerous case examples and therapist resources.  Includes a client handbook that can be photocopied and used to reinforce the concepts and skills covered in the exercises.  Skill-building exercises are presented, with full instructions, for recognizing and identifying feelings; developing assertive communication and problem-solving skills; improving peer and parental relationships; and recognizing, understanding, and dealing with sexuality, physical victimization, and sexual victimization.  Flexible binding for ease in copying; 8.5" x 11" format.

"This book is must reading for anyone who wants to help children heal the wounds from the violence they have experienced.  Berman has given therapists just the right combination of supportive therapy with empathy together with action exercises that address the content areas most therapists miss.  It's a program that can easily be used by students as well as the most experienced clinician.  No abused child should miss this experience in becoming a survivor!"
     -Lenore E. Walker
, Walker & Associates, Denver, Colorado

"Many therapists and counseling agencies are often searching for well-formulated and structured approaches to engage adolescent abuse victims in a meaningful treatment program.  This book is an essential starting point for therapists involved in working with this population.  Dr. Berman's therapeutic exercises will generate a multitude of new approaches in the treatment of girls who are abuse survivors because her ideas are so flexible and adaptable to different settings and individual, group, and family counseling."

     -Peter G. Jaffe, PhD,
C Psych, Executive Director, London Family Court Clinic, London Ontario

"...clinicians will find the materials Dr. Berman provides to be very innovative and creative.  I highly recommend this book as a valuable resource for anyone who conducts treatment with victimized youngsters."
     -Honore M. Hughes, PhD, Professor, Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Saint Louis University

Table of Contents
Issues for Therapists
Skill-Building Exercises
Unit One: Recognition & Identification of Feelings
Exercise 1:  Recognizing and Expressing Feelings
Exercise 2:  Recognizing How Events Can Influence Feelings
Exercise 3:  Recognizing and Validating Feelings Caused by Stressful Events
Unit Two: Assertive Communication and Problem Solving
Exercise 4:  Recognizing Assertive Statements
Exercise 5:  Making Assertive Statements
Exercise 6:  Responding Assertively to Problems
Unit Three: Peer Relationships
Exercise 7:  Defining Good and Bad Friends
Exercise 8:  Recognizing Constructive Friendship Behavior
Exercise 9:  Defining Good and Bad Romantic Relationships
Exercise 10:  Developing Constructive Romantic Relationships
Unit Four:  Parental Relationships
Exercise 11:  Analyzing Parenting Behavior
Exercise 12:  Making Family Contracts
Exercise 13:  Understanding Alternative Parenting Arrangements
Unit Five:  Sexuality
Exercise 14:  Understanding the Physical Changes of Puberty
Exercise 15:  Understanding Sexual Slang
Exercise 16:  Identifying Constructive and Destructive Body Images
Exercise 17:  Building a Constructive Body Image
Exercise 18:  Comparing Nurturance, Love, and Lust
Exercise 19:  Understanding the Consequences of Sexual Behavior
Unit Six: Physical Victimization
Exercise 20:  Recognizing Spouse Abuse Dynamics
Exercise 21:  Recognizing Children's Reactions to Spouse Abuse
Exercise 22:  Understanding Child Abuser Dynamics
Exercise 23:  Developing Constructive Parent-Child Relationships
Unit Seven:  Sexual Victimization
Exercise 24:  Recognizing Abuser Strategies
Exercise 25:  Understanding Sexual Abuser Dynamics
Exercise 26:  Understanding Sexual Abuse Victim Dynamics
Exercise 27:  Answering Questions About Sexual Abuse
Case Examples
You Sparkle:  A Handbook for Girls

About the Author
Pearl Berman, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who serves as a Professor of Psychology and Child and Family Clinic Supervisor within the PsyD program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She received her BA in Psychology from Brandeis University in 1977 and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Bowling Green State University in 1983.  Her areas of clinical and research expertise include physical and sexual abuse of children, child neglect, and spousal violence.  She has published and presented nationally in these areas and served as an editorial consultant for both Violence and Victims and the Criminal Justice Policy Review.  Two of her more recent publications include a book chapter on the impact of abusive marital relationships on children and another on group treatment of sexually abused preteen girls.  She is a member of many professional and advocacy groups including the American Psychological Association, The American Association of Applied and Preventive Psychology, The Child Welfare League of America, The Southern Poverty Law Center, The National Organization for Women, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
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