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by Billie Farmer Corder
by Billie Farmer Corder

Structured Psychotherapy Groups for Sexually Abused Children and Adolescents

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• 2000  272pp large flexible binding   ISBN: 9781568870588

In this exceptionally useful compendium, the author shares her clinical expertise and techniques for working effectively with sexually abused children and adolescents.  Drawing from over 30 years of experience as a practicing psychologist, researcher, and supervisor, Dr. Corder offers specific guidelines for developing, facilitating, and evaluating time-limited structured psychotherapy groups.

She outlines specific goals for each group session and provides active "homework" assignments and guidelines for using the original techniques and materials she has developed.  Separate instructions and supplemental materials are included for children ages 6-12 and teens age 13-16.

Therapeutic materials include empirically derived therapeutic activities, coloring books, active games, board games (including gameboards, question items, and rules), therapeutic "chants," and much much more.  The author describes critical decisions and role assignments.  Guidelines for concurrent structured groups with parents/caretakers are included as well as advice on dealing with important administrative and ethical issues.

Questionnaires, forms, and procedures for program evaluation are also provided.  This book offers many new ideas and creative techniques for experienced clinicians.  For less experienced therapists, Dr. Corder provides theoretical issues and rationale, clear clinical guidance, and how-to-do-it directions for working effectively with this population.  Printed in an 8 1/2" x 11" format with flexible binding for ease in copying.

"Structured Psychotherapy Groups for Sexually Abused Children and Adolescents" will be invaluable to any therapist who is seeking to establish a group therapy program for this population.  The manual includes very clear theory-linked instructions on how to establish structured group psychotherapy for sexually abused children and adolescents and provides many examples of techniques, rituals and other materials which can be used with this population....  This is an excellent manual and Dr. Corder is to be congratulated."
     -Beryce W. MacLennan, PhD,
Distinguished Fellow - American Group Psychotherapy Association; Co-Author of
Group Counseling and Psychotherapy With Adolescents

Table of Contents
Part I: Psychotherapy for the Sexually Abused
    Chapter 1 - Theoretical Issues and Approaches
    Chapter 2 - Implications for Treatment
    Chapter 3 - A Group Psychotherapy Program
Part II: Forming a Structured Psychotherapy Group for Abused Children
    Chapter 4 - Nontherapy Issues
    Chapter 5 - Clinical Issues: Pregroup Orientation
    Chapter 6 - Clinical Issues: Including Parents and Caretakers in Groups
    Chapter 7 - Clinical Issues: Decisions Therapists Must Make Before Initiating the Group
    Chapter 8 - Program Evaluation: Pre- and Posttesting Group Members
    Chapter 9 - References
Part III: The Sessions
    Chapter 10 - Groups for Sexually Abused Children Ages 6 to 9 and 10 to 12
    Chapter 11 - Guide to Supplemental Material for Children's Groups Ages 6 to 12
    Chapter 12 - Groups for Sexually Abused Teens Ages 13 to 16
    Chapter 13 - Guide to Supplemental Material for Teen's Groups Ages 13 to 16
Part IV: Supplemental Material
    Materials for Ages 6 to 12
   My Very Own "Wouldn't It Be Nice" Coloring Book
   Feeling Faces
   "Draw-A-Picture" Sheets
   Homework Assignments For Ages 6 to 12
       Homework Assignments # 1 -7
       Wanda's Story

       My Own Story
   Moving On and Getting Stronger Game
   Graduation Certificates
    Materials for Ages 13 to 16
   My Own That Was Then, But This Is Now Activity Book
   Homework Assignments For Ages 13 to 16
       Homework Assigments # 1-10
   The Life Game
   Game Cards
       Learning Cards
       Understanding Each Other Cards
       Knowing Yourself Cards
       Problem-Solving Cards

   Graduation Certificates

About the Author

Billie Farmer Corder, EdD, is a licensed psychologist and a Fellow of the American College of forensic psychology.  She is Co-Director of Psychological Services at the Child Psychiatry Training Program of Dorothea Dix Hospital, and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.  During 30 years of research and applied work with children and families, she has published more than 100 articles in professional journals and books.  Her program for social skills development for adolescents was nominated in 1981 for the American Psychiatric Association's Gold Medal Award.  She served as Managing Editor of the North Carolina Journal of Mental Health for over 18 years.  Dr. Corder developed a series of therapeutic materials for intervention with children in natural disasters which are utilized nationally by the American Red Cross.  This work was recognized recently when she was nominated for North Carolina's Eugene Hargrove Research Award and was elected to the Wake Academy of Women.

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