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by William F. Doverspike
by William F. Doverspike

Multiaxial Diagnostic Inventory - Revised (MDI-R)

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• Manual  1999  48pp large format   ISBN: 9781568870519
• Forms for Scales: Personality, Adult Clinical, Adolescent Clinical, & Child Clinical

The Multiaxial Diagnostic Inventory - Revised Edition (MDI-R) is a criterion-referenced diagnostic screening instrument designed to assess personality disorders and clinical syndromes.  It was developed for psychotherapists who need a quick yet effective diagnostic checklist that does not require complex scoring or the use of a reference manual.  Originally designed to bridge the gap between psychological testing and psychiatric diagnosis, the checklist includes adapted DSM-IV diagnostic descriptors.  The MDI-R can be used in psychological assessment, treatment planning, and as a treatment outcome measure.  In managed care practice, it can be used to document medical necessity criteria for initial treatment and it can facilitate reviews by third-party utilization reviewers.  Four scales are available: Personality, Adult Clinical, Adolescent Clinical and Child Clinical.

"These four scales are excellent.  They are comprehensive, efficient and simple to use.  Because the patient as well as the practitioner can complete them, they allow for interesting comparisons.  Because they are so closely tied  to the DSM-IV, they are quite helpful in treatment planning.  They are invaluable screening instruments.  While they are useful to all practitioners, they would seem to be a must for the hospital-based consultant.  And the accompanying manual matches the instruments in its clarity, simplicity and brevity.  These are lean, efficient products and will be useful to a variety of health care psychologists."
-George Taylor, PhD, Independent Practitioner

Table of Contents
   Test Description
   Test Specifications
   User Qualifications
Theoretical Perspective
   Clinical and Diagnostic Evaluation
   Intervention and Treatment Planning
   Treatment Outcome Measurement
   Education and Training
   Documentation and Record Keeping
   Research Investigations
   Establishing Rapport
   Written Administration
   Oral Administration
   Psychometric Considerations
   Validity Considerations
   Content Analysis
   Single Scale Analysis
   Configural Analysis
Case Examples
   Personality Scales
      "Cry for Help"
      "Identity Crisis"
   Adult Clinical Scales
      "The Manic Professor"
      "Singing the Blues"
      "Promises, Promises"
      "Inappropriate Affect"
      "Recreational Use"
      "Always Been This Way"
   Adolescent Clinical Scales
      "Smiling Depression"
      "The Boss"
      "Not Hyper"
   Child Clinical Scales
      "Sad Eyes"
      "Feeling Fat"
    Composition of Personality Scales
    Composition of Adult Clinical Scales
    Composition of Adolescent Clinical Scales
    Composition of Child Clinical Scales
    Comparison of MDI and MDI-R Personality Scales
    Comparison of MDI and MDI-R Adult Clinical Scales
    Comparison of MDI and MDI-R Adolescent Clinical Scales
    Comparison of MDI and MDI-R Child Clinical Scales
Sample MDI-R Scales
   MDI-R Personality Scales
   MDI-R Adult Clinical Scales
   MDI-R Adolescent Clinical Scales
   MDI-R Child Clinical Scales

About the Author
William F. Doverspike, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who holds a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology (ABPP) and he is also board certified in Neuropsychology (ABPN).  He is an Associate Faculty member of the Georgia School of Professional Psychology, where he teaches graduate courses in professional ethics.  As an independent practitioner, he maintains privileges at several local hospitals.  He is a member of the Ethics Committee of the Georgia Psychological Association.  Dr. Doverspike is Editor of the Georgia Psychologist magazine and has authored over 50 articles and chapters.  He conducts seminars on ethics, risk management, and diagnostic consultation.
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