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by SiriNam S. Khalsa
by SiriNam S. Khalsa

Group Exercises for Enhancing Social Skills & Self-Esteem - Volume 2

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• Volume 2  150pp flexible format binding   ISBN: 9781568870564

A uniquely creative and timely collection of exercises for enhancing self-esteem utilizing proven social, emotional, and cognitive skill-building techniques. Useful in therapeutic, psychoeducational, and recreational settings with children, adolescents, and adults from diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of problems, concerns, interests, and abilities. 

Each exercise includes:
A. Detailed purpose for the exercise
B. Materials needed
C. Detailed description of the exercise
D. Group discussion guidelines

Printed in 8.5" X 11" format with flexible binding for ease in copying. Sixty exercises per volume. Purchasers may use with an unlimited number of clients.

"SiriNam Khalsa has developed a diverse collection of group process exercises which enhance the important personal element of self-esteem. Based on his extensive experience as a special educator, counselor, and group leader, the author provides therapists and educators with clear, creative, and effective methods for helping people of all ages help themselves. Each exercise in this valuable book seeks to enhance personal growth through communication and insight in a safe and nonthreatening manner... Enhancing self-esteem as well as supporting social skills awareness is the foundation for all self-growth and therapeutic work. I am aware of most of the published material available for enhancing self-esteem and social skills awareness, and I believe this book is a must for any professional who works with groups in any kind of setting."
     -Jack Canfield, Author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul and Self-Esteem in the Classroom

"Increasingly, in this age of managed care, there will be a need for greater availability of care with greater efficiency. Group Exercises for Enhancing Social Skills and Self Esteem will prove to be a valuable resource for the mental health professional in the management of group process."
     -Joel Levine, EdD, Psychologist and Author, Amherst MA

"SiriNam Khalsa has created, collected and adapted many activities that could be used to help students and teachers deal with issues related to cooperative learning: team building, social skills acquisition, friendship issues, decision-making and problem-solving skills development. I can see teachers using these activities to enhance positive feelings and behavior in the classroom, especially for middle and high school students."
     -Dee Dishon, Co-author of A Guidebook for Cooperative Learning

Table of Contents


Being a Good Listener / Who's a Good Listener? / Listening to Directions / Following Directions / Asking Questions / Listening Carefully-Then Draw / How Well Do I Follow Directions? / Listening Improvement Plan / Matching Good Listening Skills / Starting a Conversation / Striking Up a Conversation! / My Helpers / Asking for Help / How Do You Feel? / Thought or Feeling? / Different Feelings / Expressing My Feelings / Quicksand / Show and Don't Tell / Anger Control! / Stress Alert! / What Is a Friend? / Making New Friends / Establishing Supportive Friendships / Read My Body / Eye Contact / Pier Pressure / Dealing With Peer Pressure / Resisting Peer Pressure / What Is Self-Esteem? / Raising My Self Esteem / How Do You Feel? / Who Am I? / The Critical Inner Voice / Identity Box / Identity Collage / Inhale and Relax / Self-Control / The Pursuit of Happiness / Learning from Others / Letting Go of Negative Thoughts / Seeds of Positive Thoughts / Affirming Goodness / Revealing Yourself / Knowing My Beliefs / Heart Transplant /  A Narrow Escape / If You Don't Have a Sense of Humor - It's Not Funny / Creating Funny Situations / Lighten Up! / Avoiding Fights / Fighting Words / Talking on Purpose / Express Yourself / Being Successful on the Job / Doing Nothing / Registering a Complaint / One-Way Talking / Follow Your Intuition / Our Community

About the Author

SiriNam S. Khalsa, MSEd, is a counselor, seminar leader, special education teacher, and author. He received a BS in Art Education and MSEd from the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz, and has also received additional training in Art Therapy from the New England Art Therapy Institute. In addition to his work as the Inclusion Special Educator in the Springfield, Massachusetts schools, he also serves as a group leader/consultant to Pioneer Developmental Services. Mr. Khalsa has received special recognition from the Governor of Massachusetts and has been honored as Special Education Teacher of the Year in that state. In addition to authoring Group Exercises for Enhancing Social Skills and Self-Esteem, he co-authored Talking on Purpose: Practical Skill Development for Effective Communication (Academic Communication Associates, 1993).
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