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by Diane T. Marsh
by Diane T. Marsh

Family-Focused Approach to Serious Mental Illness: Empirically Supported Interventions

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• 2001  110pp paperback   ISBN: 9781568870694
• A Practitioner's Resource Series Title

A succinct and practical guide for practitioners who work with families that include a member with serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression.  Based on up-to-date research, this book outlines empirically supported family interventions that can meet the needs of the families who are dealing with the over 5 million adults who have a serious mental illness.

"Families coping with severe mental illness need help in maintaining themselves as a support system for a loved one. In this valuable book, Diane Marsh offers a wealth of clinical tools based on empirical research and experimental realities, with specific attention to kinship diversity.  This comprehensive training manual for mental health professionals is illuminated by respect for caring families and a powerful message of hope for improved prognosis and quality of life."
Harriet P. Lefley, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida

"Diane Marsh successfully synthesizes twenty-five years of research on family interventions for serious mental illness into a primer for clinicians who plan to work with this population.  [Her] use of both a systemic and family developmental model elucidates the complex treatment issues for people who suffer from serious mental illness and their families.  I found her integration of collaborative therapy models, utilization of family strengths, the latest understanding of the life course of mental illness, and the extensive consideration of the impact of parents, spouses, siblings, and offspring refreshing and long overdue.  [This book] brings marriage and family therapists full circle by clearly articulating the role they can and must play in the provision of mental health services."

William F. Northey, Jr., PhD, Research Specialist, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Washington, DC

Table of Contents
Series Preface
Author's Preface
Working With Families
   Rationale for Family-Focused Services
   Professional Practice With Families
   Engaging and Assessing Families
   The Family Service Plan
   Assisting Families
Promoting Recovery and Preventing Relapse
   The Vulnerability-Stress Model
   Promoting Recovery
   Preventing Relapse
   Stages of Relapse
   A Relapse Prevention Plan
The Family Experience of Mental Illness
   Family Burden
   Family Resilience
   Family Diversity
   Family Adaptation
   Mediating Variables
   Family Risks
Developing Family-Focused Services
   Overview of Family Services
   The Developmental Context
   The Three-Step Model
Family Interventions
   Family Consultation
   Family Support and Advocacy Groups
   Family Education
   Family Psychoeducation
   Counseling or Psychotherapy
Working With Individual Family Members
   Implications for Intervention
Coping With Challenges
   Patient Challenges
   Family Challenges
   Professional Challenges
   Suggestions for Practitioners
Professional Issues
   Ethical and Legal Considerations
   Professional Competencies
   Informed Consent
   Diagnosis and Reimbursement
   Suggestions for Practitioners
   Working With Families
   Promoting Recovery
   The Family Experience of Mental Illness
   Developing Family Focused Services
   Family Interventions
   Working With Individual Family Members
   Coping With Challenges
   Professional Issues

CE Program
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About the Author
Diane T. Marsh, PhD, is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.  The recipient of numerous awards for her work as a mental health advocate, she is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and a member of the APA Task Force on Serious Mental Illness and Serious Emotional Disturbance.  Dr. Marsh has written many articles for a variety of professional journals.  As author or editor, she has also published several books, including Families and Mental Illness: New Directions in Professional Practice; Families and Mental Retardation: New Directions in Professional Practice; New Directions in the Psychological Treatment of Serious Mental Illness; Ethical and Legal Issues in Professional Practice With Families; Troubled Journey: Coming to Terms With the Mental Illness of a Sibling or Parent; Serious Mental Illness and the Family: The Practitioner's Guide; and The Role of the Family in Psychiatric Rehabilitation: A Workbook.
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