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by a Taskforce of the Florida Chapter of AFCC
by a Taskforce of the Florida Chapter of AFCC

Empirically Based Parenting Plans: What Professionals Need to Know (CD-ROM)

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• 2010  Text CD-ROM   ISBN: 9781568871244
• This CD-Rom was developed by The Parenting Plan Taskforce of the Florida Chapter of the Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (AFCC).  
• Members of the Task Force were Debra K. Carter, PhD, Chairperson; Eric Bruce, Esq; Laurie Pine Farber, LCSW; Linda Fieldstone, MEd; Hon. Diana Moreland; Jack Moring, Esq; Roxanne Permesly, LMHC; Magistrate Lee Schreiber; Deborah Coe Silver, PsyD; Robert Silver, PhD; Nina Zolo, Esq

Increasingly, experts are being called upon by the court to provide empirical evidence to inform legal decision-making within family law.  This volume fills a major void in terms of what is known about how parental participation affects children's adjustment.

Major changes have occurred in Florida within the arena of family law.  Florida's revised Statute Chapter 61 has dramatically changed the way parenting plans are developed to ensure that both parents and their assisting professionals appreciate the unique needs and requirements of each family and each child.  The revised Chapter 61 arose from the school of thought that each parent had rights and responsibilities.  While addressing fairness to parents, the changes are also responsive to research that shows a child's ability to maintain a meaningful relationship with each parent contributes to the child's successful development.  The most current research is included to assist professionals in the process of developing parenting plans that consider the specific circumstances of each family.

Included on the CD-ROM are the text, benchbook supplement, and a PowerPoint slide presentation (309 slides).  These materials provide an essential reference for judges, family law attorneys, mental health professionals, custody evaluators, mediators, court-based personnel, case managers, parenting coordinators, and family law finance professionals.

Tables of Contents
Primary Guide
Biographies of Authors
    Chapter 1 Florida's Experience: Reason & Rationale for Florida Statute Chapter 61 Revisions
    Chapter 2 Empirically Based Parenting Plans: Components & General Concepts
    Chapter 3 Specific Age-Related Research Regarding Children's Needs & Parenting Plans
    Chapter 4 Parenting Plan Construction: Children's Developmental & Age-Related Considerations
    Chapter 5 Children's Adjustment to Parenting Plans
    Chapter 6 Special Considerations When Developing Parenting Plans
    Chapter 7 Options for Consideration Beyond the Legally Mandated
    Chapter 8 Things That Matter
    Appendix A: Virtual Visitation
    Appendix B: Instructions & Assessments for Your Parenting Plan
Benchbook Supplement
Introduction & Background
Quick Comparison: Old Law/New Law Chart
Quick View Flow Chart: What Type of Parenting Plan is Right?
Quick Notes: Empirical Research
    Empirically Based Parenting Plans
    Parenting Plans and Adolescents
    Relocation and Parenting Plans
    Empirically Based Highly Structured Parenting Plans
    Empirically Based Safety Focused
Parenting Plan Factors

CE Program
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