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Video by Frank M. Dattilio
Video by Frank M. Dattilio

Cognitive Therapy with Couples: The Initial Phase of Treatment (DVD Video)

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• One hour DVD Video presentation and guide   ISBN: 9781568871158

This informative and stimulating presentation features excerpts from five treatment sessions in which Dr. Frank Dattilio demonstrates the core techniques of Cognitive Couples Therapy.  The viewer has a rare opportunity to watch a master therapist using the same procedures that are presented in the book: Cognitive Therapy with Couples 

The young couple in this presentation enter therapy after 10 years of marriage with complaints of resentment, alienation, misunderstanding, disenchantment, unfairness, and nonproductive quarrelsome arguments.  In a series of conjoint and individual sessions, Dr. Dattilio demonstrates how he helps couples identify and conceptualize their complaints, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and then begin the process of reconceptualizing and reframing those concepts and schemata to improve their personal and marital relationships. 

The use of specific techniques is clearly illustrated including how to delve into automatic thoughts and underlying beliefs (schemata), procedures for delineating positive and negative frames, how to develop and use the download arrow, reframing, educating clients in the cognitive model, and ways in which various questionnaires, instruments, and homework assignments can be productively used diagnostically, therapeutically, and to reinforce therapeutic gains. 

A brief program guide will help both experienced and novice therapists increase their understanding and appreciation of what Dr. Dattilio demonstrates in his work with this couple.

"Dr. Dattilio has developed one of the premier teaching [videos] and demonstrations of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy applied to couples.  The [DVD] is well produced, has excellent video and sound, and gives the viewer an opportunity to 'sit in' on marital therapy with one of the foremost CBT clinicians in the world"
     -Arthur Freeman, EdD, ABPP, Chair, Department of Psychology and Director, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

"A daunting challenge for every marital therapist is the couple who endlessly argue and blame each other.  Both partners view their own behavior as a justifiable reaction to the other's behavior.  Neither partner can take responsibility for his/her own motives or behavior.  This mutual projection system is called marriage.  Since such marital interactions are usually refractory to change, most therapists throw up their hands after trying everything they know...  This [video] clearly shows the effectiveness of [the Cognitive Therapy with Couples] approach in improving the relationship of couples for whom squabbling was a way of life."
     -James L. Framo, PhD, Distinguished Professor, US International University, San Diego, CA

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