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by James P. Bloch
by James P. Bloch

Assessment and Treatment of Multiple Personality and Dissociative Disorders

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• 1991  112pp paperback   ISBN: 9780943158679
• A Practitioner's Resource Series Title

A classic work.  Focuses on dissociative disorders (post-traumatic stress disorder, psychogenic amnesia, depersonalization disorder, etc.) and the dissociative nature of behaviors such as child abuse.

Defines the characteristics, etiology, and differential diagnosis of dissociative, multiple personality, and ego state disorders.  Advises on interview techniques and strategies, testing adaptations, special treatment problems, and child treatment issues.


"Dr. Bloch has succeeded in crafting an excellent introduction to multiple personality disorder and allied conditions.  The strengths of his contribution are the breadth of the issues that he addresses and his ability to achieve a synthesis of newly-emerging findings in the dissociative disorders with traditional psychotherapeutic observations.  This book is an excellent bridge by which the traditionally-trained psychotherapist can come to an understanding of the major concerns of the dissociative disorders literature."
     -Richard P. Kluft, MD, Director, Dissociative Disorders Program, The Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Temple University School of Medicine

Table of Contents
    Dissociation Defined
    DSM-III Nosology
    The Dissociative Continuum
        Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)
        Ego-State Disorder (ESD)
        Borderline Personality
    Dissociation as a Response to Trauma
        Etiology of MPD
        Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    "Belief" Versus Skepticism
    Clinical Signs and Symptoms
    Characteristic Presentations - Cases
    Differential Diagnosis
    Alter Personalities and Ego States
        Timing and Rapport-Building
        Interviewing Significant Others
        Hypnotic Inquiry
    Diagnostic Difficulties and Resistance
    Dissociative Structure
    Relationship Between Assessment and Treatment
    The Therapeutic Stance
    Forms of Treatment
    Principles of Treatment
        Support and Management
        Relationships with Alters and Ego States
        The Inner Self-Helper (ISH)
        Development of a Sense of Self
        Development of Enhanced Coping Skills
        Integration of Experience
        Modulation of Affect
        Abreaction and Catharsis
        Respecting Resistance and Capacity
        System Balance
        Transference and Countertransference
        The Treatment Process
        Cooperation, Integration, and Unification
        Realistic Expectations and Prognosis
    Ego-State Therapy
    The Use of Hypnosis in Treatment
    The Child Client
    Effects of Treatment Upon the Treater

About the Author
James P. Bloch, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist in independent practice in Louisville, Kentucky.  He has 20 years of experience in community mental health practice, supervision, and administration.  Formerly a member of the faculty in the psychology doctoral program at Spalding University, Dr. Bloch has also helped develop a consortium internship program in clinical psychology and has presented extensively in regional training events.  His areas of practice include cognitive/dynamic individual psychotherapy, marital therapy, and clinical supervision.  Prior to completing his work on this book, the author had contributed two articles on the diagnosis and treatment of multiple personality disorder and dissociative disorder to the Innovations in Clinical Practice: A Source Book series, also published by the Professional Resource Press.  Dr. Bloch is a member of national and local psychology associations, a registrant of the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation.

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