The Professional Resource Exchange, Inc., was founded in 1980 by two clinical psychologists who felt that much of what was being published for mental health practitioners had little immediate application in actual clinical practice.
  • The founders perceived a need for materials with a "how to do it" emphasis, materials similar in orientation and content to professional workshops, continuing education programs, and training seminars.
  • Although the founders did not derogate the value of more academic publications, they felt that clinicians were anxious for more straightforward and immediately applicable materials and resources.
  • With the goal of developing such resources, we began what has become an ongoing process of surveying and identifying the specific needs of mental health practitioners and developing books, CD-ROMs, audio, and continuing education programs to address those needs.
  • In 1991, we changed the name of our publishing imprint to Professional Resource Press (PRP). Our continuing education programs and some nonprint ventures are still produced under our corporate name, Professional Resource Exchange, Inc.
  • As we grew and produced new titles, series, and resources (e.g., home study continuing education programs, CD-ROM and audio cassette and CD programs, etc.), we did not change our original objective. Almost all of our titles are highly focused and offer current resources, applied techniques, and practice development concepts to enhance the skills and knowledge of practicing mental health professionals.
  • Although we have published a few self-help titles, we have done so only when we felt clinicians would find the books useful as adjuncts to their work with clients (i.e., books they might "prescribe" to their patients).
  • We are neither academic nor textbook publishers; however, a large number of our titles have been adopted as texts in graduate (and advanced undergraduate) courses, and our articles and books are widely cited in scholarly publications.
  • We utilize practicing mental health professionals to help us select titles to publish, as consultants and content editors, and to author all of our our home study continuing education tests.
  • We ship all orders within one business day (excluding holidays). With only a few clearly stated exceptions, all orders can be returned within 30 days for a full refund of the selling price.
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