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MAYSI-2 (2006): Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument - Translated Edition CD-ROM

MAYSI-2 (2006): Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument - Translated Edition CD-ROM

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MAYSI-2 Translated Edition CD-ROM (non-European users/must own MAYSI-2 manual to purchase) - $30.00
MAYSI-2 Manual w/English/Spanish CD-ROM + Translated Edition CD-ROM (non-European users only) - $150.00

European users must purchase the translated edition of the
MAYSI2 User's Manual & Technical Report at:

  • MAYSI-2 Translated Edition (See complete description & limitations below before ordering).
  • ISBN: 9781568871936

Description of MAYSI-2 Translated Edition

1. Before a non-European user can purchase this CD that contains translations of the MAYSI-2 questionnaires, scoring keys, and scoring forms, that user MUST purchase, or have previously purchased, the original (English) edition of the MAYSI-2 Technical Manual & User's Guide - Revised 2006

2. These translations of the original MAYSI-2 materials were developed for the International Forensic Screening and Assessment Network for Adolescents (InForSANA), an interdisciplinary consortium of researchers across numerous countries studying the mental health needs of youth in the juvenile justice system.  These translations occurred through the efforts of Thomas Grisso and the staff of the National Youth Screening Project (NYSAP) collaborating with Olivier Colins and Robert Vermeiren (Curium-Leiden University Medical Center) and over 14 translators in numerous countries.  Curium-Leiden University Medical Center is the sole distributor of these translated materials in Europe (  They are copyrighted and published by Professional Resource Press.

3. The CD contains translated questionnaires, scoring keys, and scoring summaries.  English-speaking users can use the original English Scoring Summaries.

4. At present, the following languages have been translated for use by juveniles and staff:


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